We’ve built a state-of-the-art platform to host masternodes.

We’re reinventing the masternode hosting on the blockchian – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way savvy investors set up masternodes, even if you’re a newbie.

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What Is A MINS Coin?

Masternode Services is a platform for the future of masternode hosting.

While existing solutions offer to masternode hosting for non-techies, our solution offers it at a significantly lower price,

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly setup your own masternode easily pay for it using our MINS coin.

The MINS Coin Advantage Why MINS?

There are no technical barriers for anyone that now desires to participates in masternodes.

Fast transfers, low fees, and anonymization.

Coin rewards are automatically paid to the people who help provide services to the network

Owners of masternode vote to fund and implement new system features, guiding Masternode Services as it evolves with the marketplace.

Acquire 10,000 MINS for your Masternode now

Coin Specs SPECS

The Masternode Services network has been designed with a fast block time and a high rewards structure to give back to the people who support the network the most, which is you!

Coin Name & Symbol

Masternode Services (MINS)

Masternode Collateral Amount

10,000 MINS

Rewards Per Block

10 MINS, reducing every year

Maximum Coin Supply

35,000,000 MINS

Block Time

60 Seconds

Rewards Distribution

Masternodes: 80%, PoS: 20%



Blocks Per Day


MINS Paid Per Day



September 2018

Start of the MINS Coin Platform Development.

October 2018

Launch Website

December 2018

Windows, Mac, and Linux (Ubuntu) Wallets

January 2019

Coin Launch & Platform

January 2019

Initial Exchange Listing, Masternode Listing, and Airdrops

January 2019

Shared Masternode Services Launch

March 2019

Additional Exchange Listing

Q2 2019

Masternode Budgeting and Governance

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a few cryptocurrency questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch on Discord.

Masternode Services is a platform for the future of masternode hosting. While existing solutions offer to masternode hosting for non-techies, our solution offers it at a significantly lower price, With a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly setup your own masternode easily pay for it using our MINS coin.

We offer masternode hosting services for non-techies at a very affordable price (up to 50% less expensive than our competitors. These hosting services must be paid for with MINS Coin.

We will announced which exchange you may purchase MINS Coin soon.

Masternode Services is unique platform that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way of hosting masternodes.

Not in the sense of traditional mining, no. MINS Coin doesn't use wasteful mining hardware to generate new coins. Instead, we use Proof of Stake (PoS) technology, where user wallet software (staking) and masternodes drives the network forward and receives rewards directly.

Every time a new block is created, 10 new MINS are awarded to the network. Twenty percent of these new coins are awarded to the "staker" who won the block, and the rest are paid to the network's governing masternodes. Since MINS Coin is designed to create a new block every minute, the number of rewards paid over time can be significant.

In staking systems, it is the users with the greatest stake in the network who create and write new network blocks. Your stake is measured by the number of coins in your running wallet, so the greater your stake, the greater your chances of creating blocks and receiving rewards for those blocks.

Staking is simply owning MINS and keeping your wallet open on the network. Your coins are used to calculate your network weight compared to all of the coins being staked at any moment, and this determines how long before your stake gets to create block and receive the reward for it.

Masternodes are wallets that have locked 10,000 MINS into a single address, and are therefore allowed to provide special services to the Masternode Services network. Because these wallets must remain connected 24/7 and because of the value of their services, they are highly rewarded with new coins when blocks are created. A full 80% of new coins created are paid to the masternode network, with the remaining 20% going to the wallets that are providing staking services. Because masternodes need to be constantly connected and require static IP addresses, they generally run on cloud servers; also known as VPS servers.

You start by obtaining 10,000 MINS, either by purchasing them from an exchange, or by staking coins over time. Once you have enough MINS as collateral for a masternode, you can follow one of our helpful guides on how to create and configure a masternode server or even use our service to host your masternode(s), if you are a non-techie.

When new blocks are created to record transactions, 10 new MINS coins are created to increase the overall money supply, and are paid to users in the form of network rewards. Eighty percent (80%) of these new coins are paid to the masternode network as a reward for the services they provide. One masternode is paid per block, but the network is designed to ensure that all masternodes receive equal rewards over time.

We will be recommending shared mastermode services soon. Check out our Discord channel for updates.

Yes, it is possible. However, your home system will need to be running 24/7 and if your IP address ever changes, you will have to re-register your server with the network. If you use an internet router at home, you will also have to open your firewall for the MINS port (9229) and forward traffic for that port to your wallet’s computer.

You can download a free copy of our latest wallet software from the MINS Github repository. We currently support wallets for Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64 bit), MacOS, and Ubuntu Linux. Since BiFrost is an open source project, you can also download a full copy of our source code and compile your own copy of the wallet software.

Generally speaking, yes. If you want to receive staking rewards, then your wallet should be open, unlocked and available to the network. To protect your coins, the unlock screen has an option to unlock your wallet for staking only. Your wallet can then earn staking rewards, but will still require your password again before you can spend anything. If you are not interested in staking, the your wallet can be safely closed. The next time you launch your wallet, it automatically synchronize with the network. NOTE: If you use our masternode hosting services to host your masternode, your wallet will not need to be connected to the Internet to receive rewards.

Once you launch your wallet and synchronize with the network, we strongly recommend you encrypt your wallet (see settings menu) with a strong password. Once your wallet is locked in this way, you will need to enter your password anytime you want to spend your coins. We also recommend that we periodically backup your wallet, in case the computer that hosts your wallet becomes compromised.

If you are using a shared masternode or are using our masternode hosting service, then you can keep your wallet closed and you will still receive rewards.

DON’T DO IT! IT’S MOST LIKELY A SCAM!!! The bad thing about Discord is the number of scammers running around, offering to sell you coins, and when you send them your BTC, they disappear with your funds. These people are a scourge in our community, and we ban them as soon as they get reported to us. Unless you’re buying from a highly trusted friend, or you’re buying though a trusted escrow agent, you should NEVER conduct personal sales on Discord. The Masternode Services staff will NEVER offer to sell MINS directly on the channel, so even if you get such an offer from our team, odds are they are impersonating our accounts. We have seen people blindly give hundreds of thousands worth of coins to these scammers and lose it all. Please use your common sense and don’t trust strangers. When in doubt, message one of the staff or our designated moderators to see if you’re being scammed.

Another common type of scam is a "helper" offers work with you on getting your server created and running. This is perhaps more insidious than the direct sales scammers, because our community is full of very caring and helpful users and the scammers take advantage of that goodwill to steal your coins. NEVER give out your masternode private key to anyone or allow someone you don’t know to “remote connect” to your local machine or VPS server. If someone gets that level of access to your machines or that key, you are completely vulnerable to losing every coin in your wallet. You can even lose funds from other wallets, so exercise extreme caution when working with strangers. When in doubt, always contact a team member or a moderator for guidance.

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